Spirit Airlines, Inc.
Jun 16, 2011

Spirit Airlines Appealing Certain Aspects of Recent Department of Transportation Rules

MIRAMAR, Fla., June 16, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spirit Airlines, Inc. (Nasdaq:SAVE) announced it was appealing certain aspects of the recent Department of Transportation (DOT) rules that promise to raise significantly the cost of travel to consumers and hamper our nation's economic recovery. As is well known, Spirit is committed to providing the lowest cost travel option to its customers. Spirit will continue to resist efforts by regulators that go beyond reasonable consumer protections to impose higher costs on airlines without corresponding benefits to the traveling public, costs which inevitably are passed along to consumers through higher prices.

Keeping air travel prices low is one of the most important catalysts for driving our economic recovery, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses that create much-needed new jobs. Conversely, raising travel costs to consumers through ill-considered regulatory initiatives will have a leveraged negative effect on economic growth.

Among other things, Spirit's challenge to the new DOT rules covers:

The appeal was filed with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

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Spirit Airlines (www.spirit.com) is the largest Ultra Low Cost Carrier (ULCC) in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. As the unbundling leader in the industry, Spirit allows consumers the option of paying only for the features they value without subsidizing the choices of others. Its all-Airbus fleet, the youngest in the Americas, flies more than 150 daily flights to over 40 destinations. The company is based in South Florida.

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