Spirit Airlines, Inc.
May 7, 2014

Strip Down and Save With Spirit's Bare Fare(TM)

Less Money, More Go(TM) With Total Fares Around 40% Less

MIRAMAR, Fla., May 7, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Which airline's total all-in fares are around 40% less* than other airlines? Which airline puts customers in charge of what they spend, so they only pay for what they value? Which airline's unique unbundled way of flying has some customers frustrated, ticked-off and asking "WTF!" (Why The Fee)? The answer to all three questions is . . . Spirit Airlines (Nasdaq:SAVE). To clear things up, Spirit is committed to helping customers learn how to fly on Spirit, save money and go more places, more often: Less Money, More Go.           

"Spirit offers crazy low fares by providing a completely different product than 'old school' airlines," said Ben Baldanza, Chief Executive Officer, Spirit Airlines. "We know that can be a surprise if you are used to other airlines that offer bundled fares, charging higher total prices including stuff you may not even use. We're going to help everyone learn how to save money flying on Spirit. We know some people say they hate Spirit. We're going to hug the haters. And, we'll share some smiles along with your savings." 

Spirit has revealed a new logo, revitalized digital presence, fun videos and more, all designed to help customers learn the keys to saving on Spirit: 

To learn more about the Bare Fareand Frill Control, visit spirit.com/101. Less Money, More Go starts with Spirit's ultra-low fares, available at Spirit.com.

* based on US Department of Transportation data for Spirit and other U.S. airlines for the twelve months ended 9/30/13 adjusted for differences in length of haul.

About Spirit Airlines:

Spirit Airlines (Nasdaq:SAVE) is committed to offering the lowest total price to the places we fly, on average much lower than other airlines. Our customers start with an unbundled, stripped-down Bare Fare™ and get Frill Control™ which allows them to pay only for the options they choose like bags, seat assignments and refreshments - the things other airlines bake right into their ticket prices. We help people save money and travel more often, create new jobs and stimulate business growth in the communities we serve. Our all-Airbus fleet currently operates more than 270 daily flights to 55 destinations in the U.S., Latin America and Caribbean. Come save with us at www.spirit.com.


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