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Spirit Airlines Unveils All-New Free Spirit® Loyalty Program with the Fastest Way to Earn Rewards and Status


Spirit offers program designed from scratch to serve everyone

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MIRAMAR, Fla., Oct. 22, 2020 –  Spirit Airlines (NYSE:SAVE) is giving its Free Spirit® loyalty program a brand new set of wings starting January 21, 2021. Today the company announced changes from nose to tail—aimed at helping everyone from leisure travelers to value-conscious road warriors make their loyalty count by giving them the fastest way to earn rewards and status.*

“Loyalty programs should work for travelers whether they fly once a year, or once a week. You should be rewarded either way,” Spirit Airlines President and CEO Ted Christie said. “We decided to start with a clean sheet of paper and re-imagine what Free Spirit could be. Points don’t mean anything unless you can actually use them. Our new program lets everyone hold onto their points longer, which allows family vacationers, frequent travelers and people visiting loved ones to take advantage of Free Spirit’s new benefits and rewards.”

More Rewards, More Flexibility

The new Free Spirit is built around points because rewards will be based on dollars instead of miles. There is no need to crisscross the country when every booking, every bag and every Big Front Seat® is building up to the next big trip.

  • Earn on Every Fare: Every member gets at least six points for every dollar spent on fares.
  • Earn Double on Á La Smarte™ Options: Every member gets at least 12 points for every dollar spent on Á La Smarte options like seats and bags. That’s right: Double.
  • Introducing Free Spirit Silver and Gold: Status holders earn more points on every fare and Á La Smarte purchase. Plus, status comes with benefits like free seat selection, free carry-ons and free checked bags.
  • Every Seat, Every Flight: Our reward levels are always based on our fares. That means a Guest who finds a great deal in dollars will also find a great deal in points. Reward flights come fast, with reward redemptions starting at 2,500 points. Members can redeem points for reward travel with no blackout dates. If a seat is available for dollars, it’s available for points.
  • Points Pooling: Eligible members can combine Free Spirit points with up to eight friends and family members to earn reward flights faster. That means More Go for everyone.
  • Points + Cash: Book faster and fly sooner by redeeming as few as 1,000 points with dollars covering the rest of the fare.**
  • Points that Last: Points don’t expire as long as members make a qualifying transaction to earn or redeem at least once a year. (Spirit credit card holders’ points will not expire as long as the account is open.)
  • Lower Redemption Fees: Booking is easier than ever. The new Free Spirit features no redemption fees for anyone booking at least 90 days in advance and lower fees across the board for members booking closer to the time of travel. (Guests with Silver or Gold status on Spirit and eligible Free Spirit credit card holders do not pay redemption fees.)

“Spirit is committed to letting Guests pay only for what they want,” Christie said. “Redesigning Free Spirit from the ground up gave us the chance to make our loyalty program as flexible as the travel experience we provide. Families and friends who vacation together should be able to use their points together. We want them to use those points when it’s convenient, and not just when a computer says they can.”

To get a full overview of the new Free Spirit, visit:

Free Spirit Silver and Gold: Earn Status Fast and Enjoy Perks on Every Flight

The new Free Spirit will reward Spirit’s most loyal Guests with two new status levels: Silver and Gold. Every dollar spent on Spirit fares and Á La Smarte options—including extras like seats and bags—will earn Status Qualifying Points (SQPs) that get members closer to Silver and Gold status and benefits. Plus, every $10 spent on purchases made with an eligible Free Spirit credit card earns one SQP. Free Spirit status members get even More Go by earning points faster and enjoying enhanced benefits on the ground and in flight.

  • Silver Members:
    • Earn Silver status at 2,000 SQPs by spending just $2,000 on Spirit flights, or $20,000 on eligible Free Spirit credit cards, or a combination of the two.
    • Earn eight points for every dollar spent on fares and 16 points for every dollar spent on Á La Smarte options.
    • Plus:
      • Free shortcut security (where available) and shortcut boarding (Zone 2).
      • Free same-day standby.
      • Free general seat selection 24 hours before departure with exit row availability three hours prior to departure.
      • Dedicated Guest care phone line.
      • Ability to create a Points Pool.
      • No reward redemption fees.
    • Gold Members:
      • Earn Gold status at 5,000 SQPs, which requires $5,000 spent on Spirit flights, or $50,000 spent on eligible Free Spirit credit cards, or a combination of the two.
      • Gold members will earn even faster with 10 points for every dollar spent on fares and 20 points for every dollar spent on À La Smarte options.
      • Plus:
        • Receive all Silver benefits.
        • Free carry-on bag.
        • Free first checked bag.
        • Priority boarding (Zone 1).
        • Free standard seat selection at time of booking (including exit rows).
        • Dedicated Guest care phone line.
        • Free Flight Flex, which offers a one-time change with no fee prior to 24 hours before departure.
        • Free inflight beverage and snack.

“The new Free Spirit status levels go way beyond offering reward travel in exchange for loyalty,” Spirit Airlines Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Matt Klein said. “Earning Silver and Gold status on Spirit will offer our Guests a long list of benefits every time they fly, all of which are designed to remind them how much we love having them onboard the brightest planes in the sky.”

To learn more about the new Free Spirit’s status levels, visit:

Earn More with a Free Spirit Credit Card

Spirit and Bank of America (in the United States) and Promerica (in Latin America) are teaming up to enhance the family of Free Spirit credit cards with new benefits and features that make earning rewards faster and easier. Eligible credit cards will make it even quicker for members to earn Free Spirit Silver or Gold Status. Plus, the new credit cards will offer benefits at the airport and onboard to make every flight even more enjoyable.

  • All Cards:
    • Points Do Not Expire: Credit card holders’ points are valid as long as their account remains open.
    • Earn More on Spirit Purchases: Fares, Á La Smarte options and even onboard snacks earn extra points.
    • Points Pooling: Credit card holders can create a points pool for themselves and up to eight friends and family members.
    • Inflight Rebate: Credit card holders receive a 25 percent rebate on all inflight food and drink purchases.
    • Shortcut Boarding: Credit card holders always get Zone 2 shortcut boarding.
  • Eligible New Cards:
    • Earn SQPs: Every $10 spent on purchases made with a qualifying Free Spirit credit card earns one SQP.
    • No Redemption Fees: Qualifying Free Spirit credit card holders receive redemption fee waivers on every flight, every time.
    • Companion Voucher: Each year, qualifying Free Spirit credit card holders will have the opportunity to earn one voucher good for up to $100 off a companion’s flight.

“Free Spirit credit cards help our Guests supercharge the rewards they get from the Free Spirit program,” Klein said. “Our new credit cards make it easier than ever to earn reward travel while you’re planning your next trip. Every card purchase gets our Guests closer to their next vacation or family visit. Plus, having that card in your wallet means the opportunity for extra benefits on every flight.”

Information on each of the new credit cards—their new looks, names, offers and benefits—will be available closer to Free Spirit’s January 21, 2021, launch.

Save on Every Part of the Journey with Spirit Saver$ Club®

The new Spirit Saver$ Club® throws Spirit’s value proposition into overdrive. Saver$ Club is the new name for Spirit’s $9 Fare Club, which is getting a makeover of its own. The $9 Fare Club has offered Guests discounted fares and bags for years. Saver$ Club builds on that value with discounted seats and other Á La Smarte options designed to make it the best deal in the sky. The Saver$ Club is a subscription-based membership that complements the no-cost Free Spirit program with additional savings and benefits available for a low, flat annual fee.

  • Access to Exclusive Fares: Members get discounted fares for themselves and up to eight additional Guests booked on their reservation, which means everyone flying with them can benefit from their membership.
  • Special Deals on Bags: Checked and carry-on bags are up to 50 percent off for members and up to eight additional Guests booked on their reservation.
  • Save on Seats (NEW): Spirit Saver$ Club will allow members and everyone in their party to save on every seat, including Spirit’s Big Front Seat® and exit rows.
  • Save on Á La Smarte Options (NEW): Discounts on time-saving options like Shortcut Security and Shortcut Boarding, along with Flight Flex, which offers flexibility for those last-minute changes.
  • Save with Partners: Exclusive offers and great discounts from Spirit’s partners ranging from car rentals to wine club memberships.
  • Flexible Memberships: Guests will be able to save even more with new 18- and 24-month membership options.

“Spirit Saver$ Club will give our Guests more benefits and more value than ever, especially paired with their Free Spirit membership.” Klein said. “Spirit pioneered discount membership programs for the airline industry, and we’re still leading the way by offering what will absolutely be the best deal in the sky, thanks to new benefits like discounted seats and Á La Smarte options.”

To get details on the Spirit Saver$ Club, or to enroll in the program, visit:

Get a Head Start Now

Guests can join now and start racking up miles that will be converted to points under the all-new Free Spirit loyalty program when it launches on January 21, 2021. When the time comes, the new Free Spirit and Spirit Saver$ Club will be the smartest way to fly and make the best value in the sky even better.

*Based on points earned on published fares (excluding sale fares) and optional services using the Free Spirit Credit Card (the “Card”), and includes status qualifying points earned by spending on Spirit and everyday purchases using the Card.

**Coming in Q1 2021.

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About Spirit Airlines:  
Spirit Airlines (NYSE: SAVE) is committed to delivering the best value in the sky. We are the leader in providing customizable travel options starting with an unbundled fare. This allows our Guests to pay only for the options they choose — like bags, seat assignments and refreshments — something we call Á La Smarte. We make it possible for our Guests to venture further and discover more than ever before. Our Fit Fleet® is one of the youngest and most fuel-efficient in the U.S. We serve destinations throughout the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean, and are dedicated to giving back and improving those communities. Come save with us at

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